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Youth Entrepreneurship Programme

Youth Entrepreneurship Programme


BE GROOMED by award-winning entrepreneurs!

Give your students an undeniable advantage with world-class entrepreneurship skills. As official trainers of the Youth Entrepreneurship Skills (YES) programme, TGAP is leading the cause to groom high potential students into bonafide social entrepreneurs.  

Target Audience:

Selected youths from Sec 1-5, max 15 per group, entrepreneurship club students.

Featured Programs 26 September 2015

You Can Only Be Better (YCOBB): Timeout Programme

You Can Only Be Better (YCOBB): Timeout Programme


To foster unshakeable self-belief and self-awareness in a group of at-risk students through targeted social intelligence and mindset training.


Be trained in the art of winning through maximizing self-confidence and reprogram the mind to shatter old, limiting beliefs!

TGAP is the choice provider of Timeout Programmes in over 20 schools nationwide, with an unparalleled track record with youths-at-risk.

Target Audience:

Youths-at-Risk, Sec 1-5 NA/NT students selected by the school, 10-25 per group

Featured Programs 26 September 2015

Bite-Sized Inspirational: Social Intelligence Advantage

Bite-Sized Inspirational: Social Intelligence Advantage


To inculcate the spirit of continuous, never-ending improvement in youth leaders through social intelligence and mindset training.


‘The Social Intelligence Advantage’ is the flagship programme of The Green Apple Project, designed to progressively transform participants into socially intelligent, self-confident youths. The programme seeks to address the dire need to illuminate these youths of their own unique brilliance, regardless of their circumstances.
With an increased level social intelligence, these students can wield a competitive advantage in interpersonal communication and fostering winning relationships, as compared to their more academically inclined peers.

Target Audience:

Youths from Sec 1-5, Max 15 per group, youth leaders

The Green Apple Academy 10 September 2015


Syed meets the Saiful and Hyder for the first time at a workshop. Calling themselves Diamond Knowledge, the three came together and branded themselves as youth success coaches.

The team changes their name to The Green Apple Project and introduces their cause on Facebook. The phrase ‘You Can Only Be Better’ was coined and was proposed to be the title of Syed’s first book.


Times were tough in the beginning. Yet TGAP made its public debut by coaching a tiny group of parents and youth at Jalan Pisang. Later, the first ‘You Can Only Be Better’ workshop was delivered for 20 youths at Bukit Batok East CC.

After months of rejection and mild responses, TGAP successfully breaks into the school sector for the first time at Jurongville Secondary School.

TGAP broadcasts its first ever corporate video which became an instant hit on social media. Our story made waves online, sparking a surge in invitations and speaking engagements.

Our rapid rise in popularity reached its peak when we got featured on Berita Minggu on 24th November 2013. Four months later, a second article was published in the paper’s business column Ekoniaga, highlighting our success as a social enterprise.


TGAP’s website domain www.tgap.com.sg was established online.

TGAP becomes an official partner of CLF and is awarded for our initiatives to empower youth, placing the company amongst the top youth motivational organizations.

TGAP is invited by current affairs documentary Detik to give expert opinions on youth issues and psychology.

The first batch of Inspirators graduate from TGAP’s Inspirators Course.

The Green Apple Academy 10 September 2015

About Us

A partner of Community Leaders Forum and secondary schools islandwide, The Green Apple Project we’ll let you teachers focus on teaching classes – and we’ll handle the part about attitude. We may not be academic tutors but we know a thing or two about empowering youths. We’ll get your students hyped up and ready for the exams before you know it. As an added bonus, you might even begin to see a hint of discipline in your top troublemaker that was never previously there.

The Green Apple Academy 16 September 2015

TGAP Information

Who Are We?

A partner of Community Leaders Forum and secondary schools islandwide, The Green Apple Project (TGAP) is the fastest rising youth inspiration company in Singapore. Reaching out to all youths (aged 13-30) from all walks of life, we are a super-team of success coaches on a mission to unite our youths in the spirit of our self-improvement motto: ‘You Can Only Be Better’.

Since our founding in 2012, The Green Apple Project has inspired over 2000 youths in its first year alone. We started out as a team of 3 entrepreneurs who shared a common cause, and today we are an internationally recognized Social Enterprise phenomenon.

What Do We Stand For?

The core of The Green Apple Project is summed up in five words: ‘You Can Only Be Better’. The slogan symbolizes an attitude of continuous self-improvement – the single most important trait which drives all progress in life. The slogan forms the basis of our culture as a team and the ‘big idea’ behind all our training programs.

We believe youths must be educated on success strategies early to give them a headstart in life. Youths who start early in self-improvement enjoy a higher overall self-belief, more meaningful relationships and a distinctive professional advantage. We want to make ‘You Can Only Be Better’ a lifestyle adopted by young people everywhere. If we could cause a collective shift in the minds of the youth community, we can create a more empowering future.

We want to debunk the myth of personal development as something for only A-students and high-flier businessmen. We want to make inspirational programs accessible to people of all walks of life… starting with youth community.

With The Green Apple Project, now everyone can be an inspiration.

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