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Attention all parents whose child is facing PSLE in 2018! Are you worried that your kids will be unmotivated, left behind in school, or feeling the stress facing their PSLE because of their painfully low self-confidence? MOE teachers, psychologists and trained counselors from over 20 schools and 10 welfare associations in Singapore are left speechless and scratching their heads after seeing their most ‘difficult’ students, on the brink of being expelled, be groomed into exceptionally confident and responsible young men and women, within a few sessions of coaching.
Hello Parents... My name is Syed D’ Jailani, and I am the director of The Green Apple Project Pte Ltd (TGAP), also I am MOE certified Trainer Together with my team from Green Apple Project, we have successfully transformed over 5,000 underperforming youths into highly exceptional young leaders who are now making an impact to society. You may have seen or heard about us from local media such as Channel News Asia, The Straits Times, Berita Harian and many more. You may already have a great idea of how these highly-confident, type-A kids look like or how they behave, but in my line of work, I had first-hand access to the inner minds and lives of these achievers and have painstakingly documented... The Green Apple Project team. And the shocking part is, these methods are only EXCLUSIVELY shared (and kept strictly confidential) among the closed circle of parents, world-class coaches and private tutors of these young high-flyers to give them the unfair advantage over their peers. To be honest, my exact thoughts were: if only I had known this way sooner, I would have trained my kids from an early age with all the strategies I know today. No wonder these type-A students are excelling in all areas of life and the other 90% of your child's cohort are lagging behind! Using the knowledge we have gathered, my team and I were determined to create a complete success mentoring methodology to be effective in dealing with the youths of today. After a long process of experimentation, modification and deliberate trial and error... this is the result: OUR TRACK RECORD WITH SCHOOLS Our method is designed and built upon 35 years of combined knowledge, wisdom and experience across various disciplines such as applied psychology, neuroscience, business, and communication, distilled into practical strategies targeted primarily to accelerate personal growth in youths, regardless of their background. Aligned with Ministry of Education’s Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Competencies and the national Skills Future initiative, the GREAT framework has been tested and proven in over 20 schools and 10 welfare organizations nationwide. For the past 3 years, we’ve been painstakingly testing our framework with students who have been singled out by their teachers to have the LOWEST self-confidence levels in the entire cohort. These youths are plagued with a multitude of problems – from cyber-bullying, social anxiety, apathy towards their studies and even defiance towards authority. In fact, most of them are cases where the teachers and counselors have given up on and are considered for expulsion. And what we’ve accomplished is truly amazing. After going through our coaching programs, we’ve taken the most troubled, emotionally-volatile kids and transform into successful young adults, who are now pursuing further education in distinguished fields like aerospace, law, entrepreneurship, psychology and more! Teachers and parents alike have been stunned to see a change in the behavior and demeanor of their kids, especially when they have been unsuccessful for many years! Think about this: if we can get through to the most troubled youths-at-risk in society, imagine what wonders we can work on your teen who is already performing okay but has the potential to be so much better?

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