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Who Are We?

A partner of Community Leaders Forum and secondary schools islandwide, The Green Apple Project (TGAP) is the fastest rising youth inspiration company in Singapore. Reaching out to all youths (aged 13-30) from all walks of life, we are a super-team of success coaches on a mission to unite our youths in the spirit of our self-improvement motto: ‘You Can Only Be Better’.

Since our founding in 2012, The Green Apple Project has inspired over 2000 youths in its first year alone. We started out as a team of 3 entrepreneurs who shared a common cause, and today we are an internationally recognized Social Enterprise phenomenon.

What Do We Stand For?

The core of The Green Apple Project is summed up in five words: ‘You Can Only Be Better’. The slogan symbolizes an attitude of continuous self-improvement – the single most important trait which drives all progress in life. The slogan forms the basis of our culture as a team and the ‘big idea’ behind all our training programs.

We believe youths must be educated on success strategies early to give them a headstart in life. Youths who start early in self-improvement enjoy a higher overall self-belief, more meaningful relationships and a distinctive professional advantage. We want to make ‘You Can Only Be Better’ a lifestyle adopted by young people everywhere. If we could cause a collective shift in the minds of the youth community, we can create a more empowering future.

We want to debunk the myth of personal development as something for only A-students and high-flier businessmen. We want to make inspirational programs accessible to people of all walks of life… starting with youth community.

With The Green Apple Project, now everyone can be an inspiration.

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