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The No.1 Reason Why Your Teen Is
Chronically Unmotivated


Parents! When it comes to your teen’s study habits, are they exhibiting any of
the following behaviours?


They are mindlessly glued
to their devices every time
you check on them

They are consistent in schoolwork
but fail to perform in exams

They spend too much time out
with their friends when they
should be at home studying

Watch this video on how you can transform your child...

6 Ways We Will Transform Your Child In 'The Self-Motivated TeenTM'

Who am I?

My name is Syed D’ Jailani, and I am the director of The Green Apple Project Pte Ltd (TGAP). And as a father of three sons, I feel your pain. Before I was recognized as Singapore’s top social intelligence youth coach and motivational speaker (a.k.a the ‘Youth Whisperer’), I used to be just as clueless as you are in trying to motivate my kids.

Now you may be thinking,


The Right




The Right




The Right




= Increased Motivation Levels




(And this is coming from someone who finds true happiness in motivating youths!)

As much as I hate to say this, we as parents (and also teachers) have misunderstood
the true nature of the teenage mind and how to motivate teens to perform.

No matter what techniques or strategies you apply on your teen to get them more
motivated, it will all be FUTILE if you don’t acknowledge the TRUE cause of
these symptoms.


My Top Achievements

As one of the most successful youth motivators in the market today, I am proud to say that…

I have personally sat down with over 5000 youths in Singapore, unravelling the inner
workings of the minds of teenagers from all walks of life.


I became a partner of more than 20 schools and 10 non-profit organizations
in the region just by coaching students the teachers deemed ‘uncoachable.’


I witnessed, the most troubled, resistant and emotionally volatile kids
transform into successful young men and women, now pursuing further
education in distinguished fields like aerospace, law,
entrepreneurship, psychology and more!



And yes, I’m about to reveal to you the secret that I have personally discovered
that have helped shaped my approach to turning the most academically
disengaged youths into top performers in their cohort.

And here it is.

The No.1 cause for ALL of lack of motivation in teenagers is

blindingly simple: LOW SELF-ESTEEM.

Without a doubt, low self-esteem is the single deadliest cause of low levels
motivation in teenagers.
It’s not stress. It’s not peer pressure. It’s low

self-esteem. And here’s why.

How Low Self-Esteem Can Drain Motivation

Low self-esteem is characterized as feelings of unworthiness, or low
self-worth. Self-esteem, like confidence, is situation based. When we
speak of self-esteem, we’re talking about self-esteem in the context
of academic performance.

Yes, your teen may be socially popular among her friends, or he may
be super-confident on the soccer field, but when it comes to
academics, they fail to produce results.

And that’s because their feelings of low self-worth may be hindering
them from being fully engaged and truly proactive in their studies.

Trying to motivate your teen without first acknowledging their
self-esteem in terms of studies is like trying to catch fish with a huge
hole at the bottom of the net.

High self-esteem = high self-motivation

If you want to your teen to be super-confident in school,
ace their exams and approach their studies with the drive of top students
in the elite schools,then you HAVE to start bydealing with any limiting
beliefs they may have that stop themfrom raising their self-esteem.

been doing it for years, and here’s how:

5 Reasons Why Our Programme Works

Here are some of the ways my team and I have consistently been able
to dramatically increase self-esteem of our students:

1. We encourage our students to have a growth mindset
Here at TGAP, our mantra of ‘You Can Only Be Better’ acknowledges
that no matter where you are, you can always take action to improve
your situation.
We teach our students to adopt the growth mindset
as promoted by Dr. Carol Dweck in her ground-breaking book ‘Mindset’,
which is the mentality of continuous, never-ending improvement. We find
that when teens learn to take responsibility for their own results, their
self-esteem skyrockets, and they take steps to improve on their own.

2. We set clear expectations for our students and constantly encourage
    them to raise the bar

My team and I are very results-oriented. We ensure that our students know
exactly what we expect out of them and 99% of the time, we see them
rise to the occasion.
We’re not interested in the new ways to ‘motivate’
our students. We believe students should be equipped with the strategies to
be able to motivate themselves to action. After all, as coaches, we can’t be with
them forever!

3. We paint them a beautiful vision of the future
Our students are self-motivated simply because we have embedded
in their minds a compelling vision of their future, should they
wish to work hard for it. As a result, their ambition pulls them forward,
and we just give them the support they need should they stumble along
the way. But most of the time, with their high self-esteem, they lead
themselves to success.

4. We create a safe environment where our students feel valued
    and appreciated

We believe no matter how strongly ‘motivated’ your child is, he or she still
needs a strong support system of mentors and counselors
who will
always be there to lend a listening ear or give them the pep talk they need
when the going gets tough. Our students love us for it because they know
we have their best interests at heart.

5. We believe in transition, and not just one-off motivation
Let us admit it: rah-rah motivation does not work. The Green Apple Project
takes pride in our ability to follow-up with our students,and to ensure that
even after they graduate, we give them the freedom to contact us should
they feel like they need more encouragement. It is important that we guide
our students in sustaining their level of motivation, and it inspires us to know
that eventually, they will be confident enough to push through the obstacles
in the future.

…And YES, I am proud to say that as the lead trainer of The Green Apple
Project,I succeeded in doing all of this WITHOUT a Doctorate in Adolescent
Psychology,forceful coercion or manipulative tricks.
In fact, my methods
are so practical, they can be universally applied toadolescents aged 10-16,
regardless of economic status or background!

Our Hallmark Programme

For the first time in 3 years, we are taking all the techniques, tips and strategies we applied in
schools and putting it all together into a jam-packed intensive workshop that we are opening
up to you and your teen.

It is the crowning achievement of my career as the most successful social intelligence
youth success coach in the Asia-Pacific region.

It contains over twenty years of knowledge and wisdom on how to create an unbreakable
self-esteem and self-confidence in your child – and turn them into proactively motivated
young leaders.

Let me present to you:

The Self-Motivated TeenTM – a 2-Day intensive workshop to transform
underperforming students into self-empowered, top-scoring achievers

Programme Structure

An intensive 2-day workshop aimed to dramatically improve your child’s overall self-esteem
and equip them with practical strategies to be able to proactively motivate themselves to
achieve their dream results!


By attending this course, your child will…

Learn techniques to be responsible, super-resilient young adults who will eventually

        devote themselves to extraordinary success in school and making

        meaningful career choices!

Adopt the most essential habits of the top 5% of straight ‘A’ students and NEVER

         have to be pushed or nagged to study!

Transform themselves into winners not only in their academic performance

         but in other areas such as sports or arts!

Be able to take charge of their mindset and physiology to prime themselves up for

         high performance!

Be able to identify whenever they experience dips in motivation and immediately

        regain confidence and momentum!

Be equipped with patented ‘Social Intelligence Advantage’ techniques and

         mature naturally into future leaders who will perform at the top of their industries!

What You Will Receive

In addition to the full ‘The Self-Motivated TeenTM' experience, your child will receive:


Post-Programme Review
PLUS, at the end of the course, our trainers will sit down with you for a 2-hour Post- Programme
Review where we evaluate the progress of your child, as well as recommendations on
how you can continually help to reinforce the learning objectives.

Taking into account everything I just listed here, the entire package I am offering can be
easily worth over S$7500.
In the past should I deliver all these on a private coaching basis in a single package,
I would charge S$5799 per participant.

However, for this debut edition of ‘The Self-Motivated Teen TM ’ , you will only be paying
a slashed price of only S$5799 S$3999!

Yes. I dare say that I am the only one in the region offering such outrageous rates for a
motivational mentoring programme cum tuition that spans the ENTIRE YEAR!

Let me ask you, if you are already paying a similar amount every year for your teen on
just ordinary tuition alone, would you take up this offer?




Before you proceed to sign up for this course, I want to guarantee that you are ABSOLUTELY
CERTAIN that this is the right course for you, and that you receive the MAXIMUM amount of value
we can possibly deliver.

With that being said, let me officially state here that I am personally giving you a
100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE* for a period of 365 days, from Day 1 of the
‘The Self-Motivated Teen TM ’ experience. It’s practically NO RISK ON YOUR PART!

If you find that the your child has not made any observable improvement in

results for major exams, no problem.


Write in to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a copy of your son or daughter’s
report card with the mid-year/final year result and we will return you your
payment made in full, without any hesitation on our part.

At this point, you must think I am joking.Sounds too good to be true?I thought so. Here’s a little
teaser workshop you can try before you commit your son or daughter for the actual programme…
at absolutely ZERO risk.

2-hour Introductory Workshop

I am offering you a FREE 2-hour Introductory Workshop for Parents, where we will meet
in person and you can get a sampling of what ‘The Self-Motivated Teen’ TM is all about.

In this 2-hour Introductory Workshop for Parents, I will share with you…

Practical tips on how you can raise remarkably responsible and super-resilient
teenagers, who will eventually devote themselves to achieving straight
        ‘A’s in school, wholeheartedly serving the family and making
        meaningful career choices!

The 4 fundamental qualities you need to have to capture the hearts
and minds of your teens!

Amazing, real-life accounts of how I transformed the most difficult, defiant
and despicable youth delinquents into aspiring leaders,well-loved
        by the community!

Register now for a FREE 2-hour introductory workshop. Call us at 9238 4937 or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve your seat!

Details of Upcoming Introductory Workshop
Date: Saturday, 3rd September 2016
Venue: Near Eunos MRT( Exact Venue to be revealed soon)
Time: 2pm-4pm



You may be thinking: as an influential youth coach, why am I giving away all my secrets
at extremely low rates?

The reason is simple: if I am not absolutely certain that I can save your child’s future
if they attend this course, then I won’t dare make such bold promises – with my name
on the line!

And in this financially-challenging times, I can’t bear to let you continue to spend
thousands of dollars on ordinary tuition for your teen, only to see them repeat the
same disengaged behaviours over and over again!

All that’s left is for you – the parent – to make this decision for your child.


And here’s the shocking thing: no matter how well-meaning they are,
9 out of 10 parents WILL NEVER succeed in seeing their child reach
their fullest potential.

The reason is simple: they would rather continue to stay in their comfort zone
and continue to try and motivate their teen through obsolete and outdated methods,
only to stretch them so thin that they have no choice but to break down and quit.

Let me say this once and for all: your kids are ALWAYS worth it.
And you are worth it! Let me help you shape your teen into one of the most inspiring
young leaders their generation has to offer.

Do it for them. Do it for yourself. Do it for the family.

May you find lasting love and success in your quest to become the best parent you can possibly be.

Yours truly,

Syed D’Jailani


The Green Apple Project

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.   How would I be refunded through the money back guarantee?


The money-back guarantee clause serves as our TGAP seal of confidence. We are

committed to bringing out the best in your child.


Please take note that the money-back guarantee clause can be invoked to request a

refund of fees of the 2-day intensive ‘The Self-Motivated Teen’ workshop, as the

prices stated, for all packages, are fees ONLY exclusive to the 2-day intensive ‘The

Self-Motivated Teen’ workshop.


Here are the terms and conditions for invoking the money-back guarantee:


A.  For Premium package clients where payment was made in full

The money-back guarantee clause is only applicable to parents who have

registered their child for the Premium package, where payment has been made

in full. The money-back guarantee clause is not applicable for participants of the

Basic package OR instalment-plan Premium package.


B.  Student has not made any observable improvement in results for major exams

The money-back guarantee clause can be invoked only if you find that your child

has not made any observable improvement in their mid-year or final exam

grades. Performance for termly common tests, quizzes or other school

assignments would not be acknowledged as indicators of improvement.


All you need is to provide us a copy of your son or daughter’s report card with the

mid-year/final year results and write to us for a money back guarantee.


Should you, the parent, request for money-back guarantee before release of the

child’s mid-year or final exam results, the Green Apple team would would

recommend that the clause be invoked AFTER release of the results, where sufficient

grounds for refund can be provided.


Please note that for Basic and instalment-plan Premium, the initial 20% deposit is



The money-back guarantee would not be applicable for the following reasons:


a.  You have initiated payment or initial deposit but your child fails to attend the 2-

day ‘The Self-Motivated Teen’ programme, for the entire or partial duration of

stated programme.


b.  You feel that the information taught during 2-day‘The Self-Motivated Teen’

programme is irrelevant or ineffective.


c.  Your child fails to attend any of the additional entitlements that come with the

Premium package (e.g. Academic Mentoring Sessions, Focus Group Discussions,



d.  You feel that the information taught during any of the additional entitlements that

come with the Premium package (e.g. Academic Mentoring Sessions, Focus Group

Discussions, etc.) are irrelevant or ineffective.


The Green Apple administrators reserve the right to reject any request for a money-

back guarantee should the conditions that permit a refund are not met.


2.   Do you offer any other instalment plans for ‘The Self Motivated Teen’?


Here are the instalment plans offered for ‘The Self Motivated Teen’:

Duration Discount Total Payable Fees after Discount
Full Payment up-front 10% S$3599
3 Months 7% S$3719
6 Months 5% S$3799
9 Months 3% S$3879
12 Months - S$3999


Please note that all instalment plans are subject to a 20% deposit non-refundable



3.  What would I be paying for when I sign up my child for ‘The Self-Motivated



As a parent, the prices stated for all listed packages are the fees ONLY exclusive to

the 2-day intensive ‘The Self-Motivated Teen’ workshop.


All additional entitlements offered in the package such as the Academic Mentoring

Sessions, Focus Group Discussions, Personalized one-to- one counselling, etc. (see

our Package List for full breakdown of entitlements) are delivered FREE, and

therefore optional and not exchangeable for cash.


Attendance to these entitlements is optional.


4.  I’ve heard that you are offering free tuition in addition to ‘The Self-Motivated

Teen’ programme. Is it true?


Yes, we are offering free Academic Mentoring, which is equivalent to conventional

tuition classes. During Academic Mentoring, your child will sit down with MOE-

certified tutors who will help to improve your child’s performance in Maths, Science

or English.


Academic Mentoring sessions are a more systematic alternative to traditional tuition

classes as mentors of the initial 2-day ‘The Self-Motivated Teen’ programme will be

able to follow-up and validae any significant improvement in your child’s attitude

and behavior.


We acknowledge that the most observable method to measure your child’s

improvement is via academic progress, which makes Academic Mentoring sessions a

value-added bonus to your child’s progress.


Please note that Academic Mentoring is meant to be an additional supplementary

booster to enhance your child’s current academic performance in school and is

therefore not an appropriate substitute to classes in school.


5.  Can you tell me more about the Academic Mentoring sessions? What are the

timings and how long will the sessions be?


Academic Mentoring is done weekly every Saturday for all 3 subjects (English, Maths

and Science for P6-Sec 2 / English, E. Maths and Combined Science

Physics/Chem/Bio for Sec 3-5).


Each session will be split into different timeslots, which are allocated for the various

subjects. Academic Mentoring will be conducted 2 hours per subject. The finalized

full timetable will be given to you and your child after successful completion of the 2-

day ‘The Self-Motivated Teen’ workshop.


Your child can attend any timeslot depending on the subjects they wish to work on

for the day. Do note that should your child be attending all 3 subjects for any given

session, they will be staying for the maximum number of hours of Academic

Mentoring available.


If you have signed up for the Premium package, your child is eligible to attend an

unlimited number of sessions (i.e. four times a month). If you have signed up for the

Basic package, your child is eligible to attend up to only 2 sessions a month.

Attendance to the Academic Mentoring sessions is optional.


6.  Would I be paying extra if my child is attending all 3 subjects for Academic

Mentoring? Likewise, if my child attends only 1 subject for Academic

Mentoring, would the fees be prorated?


Upon completion of the 2-day ‘The Self-Motivated Teen’ programme, your child will

be entitled to attend Academic Mentoring for ALL 3 subjects.


The fees you paid are exclusive only to the 2-day ‘The Self-Motivated Teen’

programme. Thus, there will be no proration of fees should your child attends only 1

subject for the Academic Mentoring.


The reason for this arrangement is because the Academic Mentoring sessions are a

free service, and merely an additional bonus to the 2-day ‘The Self-Motivated Teen’

programme which you registered for, as part of our commitment to improve your

child’s academic performance.


7.  What age range is programme suitable for?


‘The Self-Motivated Teen’ programme is suitable for students aged 12 (taking PSLE

this year) to 16 (taking O/N levels this year).


8.  I’m interested in signing my child up for the programme but I’m not sure I can

persuade him/her. What should I do?


All you need to do is persuade your child to attend the first day of our workshop and

we will assure you that they will be coming back for more. However, if you still have

doubts, do attend our free 2-hr Introductory Workshop and we can give you some



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