Dear parents,

You’ve tried everything.You tried to be patient in getting them to open up to you… but it feels like they’re killing every conversation with their icy cold, one-word replies.

You spent sleepless nights caring for them as babies… and now you sacrifice even MORE sleep worrying about who they’re mixing with.

You put up with their nonsense when they were children… and now they barricade themselves up in their rooms, rolling their eyes and wishing you’d just shut up and leave them alone!

My friend, you don’t deserve this. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. No parent in their right mind enjoys it when their teens put up fifty-foot walls to keep you out of their lives!

As a father of three sons, I feel your pain as well. Before I was recognized as Singapore’s top social intelligence youth coach and motivational speaker (a.k.a the ‘Youth Whisperer’), I used to be completely hopeless in dealing with teenagers. Here is my story…

My Early Failures

The first few months of counselling work were unbelievably depressing. Coming to work to face these hooligans felt like walking into a pit of rabid, bloodthirsty hounds!

These juvenile delinquents did whatever they wanted. The quiet ones rolled their eyes and blatantly ignored me and took naps in class. The more aggressive ones would lash out by challenging my authority, taunting me into fights and even INSULTING me to my face!

Believe me, I know exactly how it feels to be hurt, ignored or disrespected by teenagers. I’ve sat down with the worst society has to offer. But I wasn’t ready to give up anytime soon.

No Shortcuts to Success

For me, there were no shortcuts. To make up for my lack of formal psychology training, I spent countless hours on the ground, painstakingly learning the secrets of youth psychology – the REAL secrets we never read about in textbooks. You can’t apply traditional methods to communicate with modern age teens!

My mistakes drove me to absolutely obsessed about solving the puzzle that is the mind of a teenager. In fact, I was spending so much time with other people’s kids, I felt like I wasn’t spending enough time with my own!

And boy, did it pay off.


My Top Achievements

With help from my team (and an excruciatingly long process of trial-and-error), I figured out an unreasonably easy yet practical approach to not only get teens to listen, but have them eagerly responding to your every word. The results were just amazing:

I personally sat down with over 5000 youths in Singapore, unravelling the inner workings of the minds of teenagers from all walks of life as they poured on me their most heartfelt hopes and dreams.

I became a partner of more than 20 institutions and 10 non-profit organizations in the region. My youth motivation business flourished in just 2 years, just by coaching students the teachers would deem ‘uncoachable.’


I saw with my own eyes, the most troubled, resistant and emotionally volatile juvenile delinquents transform into socially-intelligent and successful young men and women who are now pursuing further education in distinguished fields like aerospace engineering, entrepreneurship, law, accounting,  psychology and many more!

I had these youths flocking to me droves, ringing me up in the middle of the night and telling me EXACTLY...

...WHY they make it so difficult for their parents to talk to them

…WHY they choose to rebel instead respect their parents and teachers

…WHY they insist on slacking off in their studies and drop out, EVEN THOUGH THEY KNOW they shouldn’t! (And the answers had so punch-in-the-gut truth to them. Unlike us adults, the youths have no reason to be politically correct!)

…and I succeeded in all of this WITHOUT a Doctorate in Adolescent Psychology, forceful coercion or manipulative tricks. In fact, my methods are so practical, they can be universally applied to adolescents aged 13-16, regardless of economic status or background!

Now if I can do all this with the worst teenagers in society, imagine the magic you can work on your own teens if you used the exact same strategies I have been using for years!

Let me be the first to present to you:

The Passionate Parenting ProgrammeTM– a proven guide for successful parents to psychologically win over your most troubling teens

‘The Passionate Parenting Programme’ is my crowning achievement of my career as the most successful social intelligence youth success coach in the Asia-Pacific region.

It contains over twenty years of knowledge and wisdom on how to crack the code of the teenage mind, distilled into the simple tips and techniques you can apply immediately to get lasting results, backed by experts and experience.


As a parent, you will be able to use this approach to…

Raise remarkably responsible and super-resilient teenagers, who will eventually devote themselves to achieving straight ‘A’s in school, wholeheartedly serving the family and making meaningful career choices!

Inspire your most rebellious, restless or resistant teens into young leaders who will grow up to be the most successful and influential members of society!

Fully engage your teens and have them, all eyes and ears, hanging attentively onto your every word, with no resentment!

Get your kids jumping at every opportunity to do exactly what you ask them to, without the need for nagging, coercion or manipulation.

Have your teens going the extra mile to open up to you and share every minute detail of their lives, without having to ask a single question!

Create warm, loving and communication-friendly environments in the home so you can have painless and effortless conversations about sensitive topics (e.g. sex), without a single hint of awkwardness!

By purchasing this course, you will receive…

- The Passionate Parenting ProgrammeTM: An online, 8-module home study course, each session jam-packed with the most easy-to-apply strategies, concepts and tips to win over your teens, immediately accessible to you from the convenience of your own personal computer, worth USD1200

- Exclusive members-only access to live webinars with me, scheduled for you to personally interact with me throughout the year, where I will be there to answer your most pressing concerns you may be facing with your teens, worth USD1000

- 24/7 private consultation where you can correspond directly with my team and I as we work to the give you solutions to the EXACT problems you may be facing with your kids, worth USD500

- Downloadable and printable PDF handouts that will be made available with every module, where I will guide you in formulating action plans for you to immediately apply and solve any problems you may be facing with your teens, worth USD30

- A copy of ‘You Can Only Be Better – Secrets on How To Lead a More Fulfilling Life’ authored by myself, Syed D’Jailani, as share with you tips on how you can find joy and self-fulfillment as a successful parent, teacher and even entrepreneur, worth USD20

To top it all off, I am giving you an additional 2 BONUS MODULES, worth USD250, LIMITED ONLY TO THE FIRST 100 PARTICIPANTS who sign up for this course!


100% Money-back Guarantee

Before you proceed to sign up for this course, I want to guarantee that you are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that this is the right course for you, and that you receive the MAXIMUM amount of value we possibly can deliver.

With that being said, let me officially state here that I am personally giving you a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE for a period of 365 days, from Day 1 of the ‘Passionate Parenting Programme TM’ experience.

If you find that the knowledge offered during the course is irrelevant or ineffective, no problem. Write in to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will return you your payment made in full, without any hesitation on our part.

As my seminars are usually conducted locally in sunny Singapore, I usually charge USD2999 per participant for all the resources you see listed above.

However, for this special online version of ‘Passionate Parenting Programme’, you will only be paying a slashed price of only USD2999 USD1999! You will receive the absolute equivalent of an intensive live seminar and even more!


Only for period of 7 DAYS (from 15th July 2016 to 22nd July 2016), I am offering you a special MID-YEAR PROMOTIONAL PRICE of ONLY USD1999 USD999 for the full package of ‘Passionate Parenting ProgrammeTM’!

Should you REGISTER NOW, within these 7 DAYS, you will receive the entire package for only USD999, PLUS 2 BONUS MODULES (after our promotional period of 7 days, we will revert the price back to USD1999).

You may be thinking: as an influential youth coach, why am I giving away all my secrets at extremely low rates???

The reason is simple: there are WAY too many teenagers out there, and as much as I want to be Superman, I can’t save them all alone! If I could teach YOU – the parent – to understand your teen, then I am absolutely certain that I can save you YEARS of unnecessary headaches and undeserving heartbreaks you will eventually face if you don’t take action! Society would have less problems, less teenagers in jail, and of course… less parents driven crazy!

And here’s the shocking thing: no matter how well-meaning they are, 90% of parents WILL NEVER succeed in creating a meaningful, lasting bond with their kids.

The reason is simple: they would rather put up with the endless psychological torture from their teenagers, hoping that somehow, someday, they will wise up and change. The reality is, your teenagers will NEVER respect you unless they see that you are willing to lay down your arms and do what is necessary to create a healthier, more loving and harmonious bond with them.

Let me say this once and for all: your kids are ALWAYS worth it. And you are worth it! Let me help you put the love, warmth and compassion back into the relationship you share with your kids. Do it for them. Do it for yourself. Do it for the family.

May you find lasting love and success in your quest to become the best parent you can possibly be.

Yours truly,

Syed D’Jailani

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